Clean Account Solutions


What we do

Finance Specialists

Financial Candidates

Pairing you with the perfect candidate that;

Fits your culture and aligns with your organization’s ethos

Saving you time and resources while delivering exceptional candidates.

Our Specialists possess the adaptability, agility and flexibility to navigate changing market conditions, providing you with strategic insights and innovative solutions.


Contractor Processing

HR Outsourcing

No obligations and extra processing, saving you time and money;

We ensure all the paperwork is handled,
Process all the required returns and tax payments,
No more Visa checks.

CV and Interview assistance

CV Formatting

Your CV is your professional pitch;

It is an insight to who you are, but visual plays a crucial roll.

Your audience expects it to be in a certain layout.

We format CVs and give feedback to help you get your dream job.

Interviews and Screening

How you present yourself to your potential employer determines whether you make it to the next phase or whether you get the job.

We want you to have the best chance at getting your dream job and we will provide guidance to achieve that.

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